Vegoose – The Shins

The Shins
Photographer: Jason Merritt

I am sure that the majority of the Muzzle Of Bees readers are familiar with The Shins. When Natalie Portman hands Zach Braff her headphones in Garden State and utters the worlds, “The Shins will change your life,” you could almost hear the orders for The Shins albums begin to pour in. I had never seen the Shins perform live before, but was a proud owner and big fan of their two recent releases.

When the Vegoose schedule finally made its way online, I made a big circle around The Shins performance. It was not one to disappoint. I found myself enjoying it as the daylight began to fade from the desert sky and night quickly filled in all the areas once gleaming with light. The Shins brought their indie rock to thousands of welcoming ears, and the whole time dressed as nuns. You could see the likes of Beck and Jack Johnson taking the show in from the side of the stage. Later talking with Jack Johnson, he made it known that The Shins were one of the bands that he was a fan of and was happy to have seen at the festival. As their set would down after blazing through the better part of both albums, the fans enthusiastically sent them on their way, only to prepare themselves for Beck.

So Says I, from Chutes Too Narrow MP3