ACL here I come…..In 2006

I just got a note from ACL telling me that my ticket that I was not able to use, because of Rita can be exchanged for tickets next year. Fair is Fair.

Greetings from the ACL Music Festival

First, we are sorry that you were unable to attend this year’s Festival due to the hurricane situation. As you probably know, Austin escaped Hurricane Rita’s path and the Festival rocked on as planned. Our support and thoughts go out to those people who were affected by the hurricanes.

Recognizing that Hurricanes Katrina and Rita presented extenuating circumstances, the ACL Festival team is making every effort to best accommodate our patrons. We received a significant number of emails from patrons like you who were unable to attend this year’s show.

After reading your individual situation, we would like to offer you complimentary tickets for the 2006 ACL Music Festival. This ticket offer is the equivalent of your 2005 ticket order through Front Gate Tickets and will only be issued to that purchaser’s name on the 2005 ticket order and no one else.