5 Questions with Backyard Tire Fire

Tonight Cafe Montmartre and its patrons will be treated to a rousing set by a band that is quickly becoming a favorite of ours, Backyard Tire Fire. I wrote about this band back in June when I first got my hands on their record, “Bar Room Semantics.” Since that time the band has been hitting the road heavily and is currently on tour throughout the US. I was excited when singer/guitarist, Ed Anderson agreed to participate in the 5 Questions with Muzzle of Bees feature. I hope you get a chance to check out this band on myspace and catch them on tour. Thanks to Ed for the time, and make sure to head to Cafe Montmartre tonight to catch a band in a venue of this size while you still can!


Q. How’s the tour going so far? You’ve played in Madison before, anything about the city or specific performance that stands out in your memory?

Summer tour was fantastic! Lots of new places and faces and a boatload of driving. We went from Atlanta to Seattle and it seems like we hit about every place in between. I think it was like 10,000 miles in two months sharing bills with folks like Alejandro Escovedo, Son Volt, The Mother Hips, and Jerry Joseph. Before this tour my brother and I had never even been to California or any of the Pacific Northwest, so it was quite a journey. We had an actual tire fire in on Interstate 5 in Seattle rush hour traffic, but that’s a whole other story to tell.

Yes, I’ve played in Madison several times over the years and have always had a good time. Real friendly folks and a nice place to play music. Such a beautiful area with the lake right there in the downtown. We stayed at The Edgewater last time through and probably had a little too much fun.

Q. Are you able to write while touring or is that something you like to do away from the road?

I’m always working on songs. Some of them hang around for months before the words come. Sometimes it happens all at once in one sitting. When we’re home I try to spend time in my little basement studio and that usually helps things come together.

Q. What music keeps you guys company on the road? Any band(s) or albums you care to recommend?

We recently got XM radio and that’s been dominating of late. The Bob Dylan Theme Time Radio Hour has become a staple.

Bar Room Semantics has been a favorite of ours at MoB and around other blogs/myspace/internet/etc. What are your thoughts on music blogs and the power of the internet in terms of helping your music reach more people?

It’s unbelievable. I think back to ten years ago and I don’t know if my band at the time even had a website. With blogs and myspace now, you don’t even have to be gigging and you can still be turning tons of new people on to the music daily.

Q. I’m told you are working on new material. Can you give me some insight on it, and when we can expect a release date?

Yes we’ve got a few new releases on the horizon. The EP Skin and Bones will come out in Mid-October with a celebratory release show at the Double Door in Chicago on 10/14. And then on Jan. 30th we’ll be putting out our third stuido record entitled Vagabonds and Hooligans. The 12 song album was recorded (like all of our studio stuff) at the analog studio here in Bloomington, IL called Oxide Lounge Recording. I think it’s the best work we’ve done thus far and can’t wait to get it out there. And then at some point in 2007 we’ll be putting out a DVD and bonus live album that was shot and recorded at Schubas in Chicago last April.