5 Questions with Norfolk & Western

Tonight Norfolk & Western will be playing Cafe Montmartre ($8) behind their brilliant new release The Unsung Colony. We first checked out the new album last month and I’m happy to say that the album continues to be one of our favorites. Leading up to the show I got a chance to speak with Adam Selzer, who was kind enough to participate in our 5 Questions with MoB feature. We highly recommend seeing the show tonight or picking up their latest album here ($10). Show starts at 9pm with Corinna Repp opening.

Q. You recently released a new album, The Unsung Colony, which is, in our opinion your best album to date. Can you talk a little in terms of what you did on this album that may be different from your previous work?

Thanks, this record was more of a collaboration and we put a lot of tracks on each song and sorted it out later. We were going for a more epic sound without having it sound too cluttered. we had our two string players pre-arrange string parts and so some of the arrangements we worked out ahead of time, but there was also a lot of improvising and coming up with parts on the fly in the studio. We wanted to it to sound grand, but not polished. And we also visited a high school band room in order to use their percussion instruments which is something different.

Q. What music is going to be keeping you guys company on the road? Are there any albums that you care to recommend?

Yesterday in the van we listened to Tosca (waking life soundtrack), genesis, stephen malkamus, japancakes, john lennon, talking heads and probably more that i can’t remember….we recommend all those artists.

Q. The Internet has dramatically altered the way band’s can reach an audience. With things like blogs/myspace/etc, what are your thoughts on the power of the internet in terms of helping your music reach a larger audience?

Any way that gets more people to hear us is good- even if it means burning copies for their friends. because the new listeners might not have heard of us otherwise, and now they might come to a show, or buy an older record, or tell another friend. there are so many bands and so many blogs that its hard to be heard above the rest, but on the other hand the power of the internet puts the power of who gets noticed and listened to back into the hand of bands a bit, with myspace for example.

Q. We recently reviewed the John Weinland album, and loved it. How did you come about contributing to that?

I met them last year sometime. I love their music and they decided to record a record with me which is one the best records I’ve ever worked on. They’re really great people and we’re going to start recording some new songs in February.

Q. I’m going to Portland next year for the first time. Can you give me 5 things that I’d have to do or see while I’m in town?

If you want to be a hip, indie-guy,

go to a show at mississippi studios, doug fir, halocene, or acme

drink stumptown coffee & eat at nicholas’s or le happy

go to powells bookstore

get drunk at bulahland or alto lounge

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