Tuesday’s Gold: What We Recommend #9

Each Tuesday stop by Muzzle of Bees for our recommended purchases for the week. Here are the albums we suggest for the release date of May 1st:

Artist: Feist
Album: The Reminder
Label: CherryTree Records
Myspace: Feist
MoB: “The real truth is that Feist is big. The Reminder will make her bigger. Deservedly so.” Read the rest of our thoughts on The Reminder here.

Artist: Patrick Wolf
Album: The Magic Position
Label: Loog
Myspace: Patrick Wolf
MoB: The road has worn this guy a little thin, but his records are worth your time. Reminds me of a young Bowie, hopefully he continues to put out records in the absence of touring.

Artist: Dinosaur Jr.
Album: Beyond
Label: Fat Possum
MP3: Dinosaur Jr. – Almost Ready
Myspace: Dinosaur Jr.
MoB: “It’s pretty easy for me to describe – great rock and roll, amazing guitar work and the opening track, “Almost Ready” already cemented as one of my favorite songs of the year.” Read the rest of our thoughts on Beyond here.

Download: eMusic
Buy: Insound