Rejuvenated Majestic Theatre: So Far, Meh….

In less than a month the Majestic Theatre in downtown Madison will reopen under new ownership, unveiling a complete interior renovation. Full disclosure: We haven’t seen the inside, but always thought it was a good, intimate venue to begin with, so at least it’s got that going for it from the start.

What troubles us about the venue previously known for its multiple troubles — which led to a loss of liquor license and its eventual sale — is the current line up displayed on their website. The Theatre’s MySpace page proudly proclaims that “We are hard at work bringing the very best national artists to downtown Madison’s historic Majestic Theatre. Our summer remodeling is going better than expected, and this fall, the next chapter in Madison’s music scene will arrive.”

However, as of the time of this report, the Theatre has managed to book eleven acts that neither I nor anybody I know would even consider attending. If these acts represent the future music scene in Madison, I’m moving to Chicago.

Additional caveat: We understand the whole “different strokes for different folks” montage. But after the proverbial tongue bathing the Theatre has received from multiple“>other local media outlets, color us supremely disappointed thus far.

So, while the Theatre is still cutting their teeth in this market, let this be my plea that they right their ship quickly. Until then I know where to go should I want to revisit mid-90′s era blandness like The Verve Pipe, while a select few suffer through who knows what until they play “The Freshman” and everyone moves away from their conversations at the bar to sing along.

Myspace: Majestic Theatre