5 Questions With Loch Lomond


We came to know Loch Lomond through some of their fellow Portland musicians and MoB favorites like Horse Feathers, Wienland, and Norfolk & Western. Upon revisiting Paper Thin Walls over the course of a long journey home today, it sounds just as good as I remember it. Actually, it sounds better. We caught up with them for our continuing 5 Questions with Muzzle of Bees feature.

Could you lend some information on the recording process of Paper The Walls? Where and how was it recorded, and were there any lessons learned that you’ll apply towards future recording sessions?

Paper The Walls was recorded in two parts, the first being an almost completely live recording at Type Foundry Studios (Portland, OR) by Adam Selzer (Norfolk & Western, M Ward) and the second half was done in Camas, WA By Skyler Norwood at Miracle Lake Studios. I feel that we’ve learned a great deal from making this record. We have been blessed with people loving our live shows but at the same time cursed by those same people being disappointed in previous recording quality.

They want it to reflect the energy and subtly of our live performance. Recording almost totally live gave us a sound that more accurately reflects what we can do live. We’re very proud of Paper The Walls for that reason.

I heard you just finished up a cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” for an upcoming Zep compilation. How did that come about and was that tune your first choice?

I’m actually not very fond of Led Zeppelin. I worked at a furniture factory in high School; it was dark and depressing and full of toxins. The only thing we were allowed to listen to was the classic rock station out of Bend, OR. Central Oregon’s version of classic rock was Led Zeppelin, followed by more Led Zeppelin, followed by “Let’s keep the Led out!” I got so fucking tired of that band. What I do love is Rob Jones (Jealous Butcher Records). He is an amazing human being. He made this a fun project for us, getting Chris Funk (The Decemberists, Flash Hawk Parlour) to come in and record some really great, odd stuff. Rob also is having Chris Walla mix it. We obviously could not refuse to work with such great talent. In the end, we really love our version of Kashmir. But just our version.

The Portland music scene seems to be thriving right now, with a lot of solid groups calling the city home. What’s your perspective on the scene and the direction it’s going?

I would say that Portland’s music scene is great and only getting better. There is virtually no “music industry” here so the competition is more about being more creative and much more friendly. A band must leave Portland to accomplish anything on a national or global scale.

When they return they are considered more ambassadors rather than a target of competition. I love this about Portland, we all love and help each other immensely.

The internet has dramatically altered the way artists can reach an audience. With things like blogs/myspace/etc, what are your thoughts on the power of the internet in terms of helping (or hurting) your music?

It has only helped us. The impact of the internet on music and culture in general over the past five years has no comparison is human history. However, I certainly believe you can hype something all you want, but at the end of the day all the hype must hold water in order to really reach people. I say, use the internet as a tool but don’t lose sight of the fact that the music you are creating is the most important thing.

If you were a music writer/blogger for a week, covering only bands and records you loved, who and what albums would you write about?

Well I am not a blogger, not because I don’t love reading blogs but there is a special type of person for these things. Such great research and thought are put into my favorite blogs. I don’t have the patience for these things. If I were to suspend my ADD and just do it I would write about and LOVE to do interviews with The National, Port O’Brien, Run On Sentence, Rauellson, Robert Wyatt and Subtle.

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