Review: Bon Iver – Orpheum Stage Door, Madison

If you felt like a packed sardine last night chances are you were at the Orpheum Stage Door checking out Bon Iver with Collections of Colonies of Bees. On his return to town for a sold out show, Justin Vernon aka Bon Iver didn’t disappoint, concluding his set smack in the middle of the crowd for a beautiful acoustic and sans microphone version of “For Emma.” A breezy number packed with gentle horns on his critically acclaimed For Emma, Forever Ago, received a shot in the arm live, featuring screamed vocals for the “go find another lover to string along” part.

Since we’ve constantly sang his praises it really goes without saying how happy we are that he received such a warm welcome and will most definitely command a larger venue next time through town. What did you guys think of the show? Was it the show of the year? Are you pissed you chose to see Modest Mouse instead of Bon Iver the first time he played here (for free)? Did you like Collections of Colonies of Bees? Did you pay more or receive more than face value for your ticket?

Thanks, we’ll talk again this summer.

Photo: Lea Wolf

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