Pavement :: Shank Hall, Milwaukee (June 13, 1992)

The steady stream of Pavement re-issues via Matador Records has been much appreciated. I’m currently enthralled with the Brighten the Corners: Nicene Creedence Edition that arrived late last year. I also was recently gifted the recording below, captured in 1992 from Milwaukee’s Shank Hall.

Update: Download is over, One week only.

Pavement :: Shank Hall, Milwaukee :: June 13, 1992

1. soundcheck trigger cut
2. trigger cut
3. mellow jazz docent
4. two states
5. no life singed her
6. lions linden
7. lorrenta’s scars
8. in the mouth of a desert
9. baptis blacktick
10. so stark (you’re a skyscraper)
11. zurich is stained
12. purfume v
13. summer babe
14. spizzle trunk
15. here

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