Review: Los Campesinos!/Titus Andronicus – Rathskeller

Last night was pure energy bottled up into the University of Wisonsin’s Der Rathskeller that exploded the moment Titus Andronicus his the stage at 9:30 and concluded with a sweaty mess of happy people begging Los Campesinos! for one more song. They didn’t get one more song, but they got a night of incredible enthusiasm, blistering performance, a packed house, and an A+ great time.

Admittedly, I walked into the student union last night as a casual fan of both. Would I pay to see either one of them again? Absolutely. Titus Andronicus really blew me away. Their energy simply stunned me. The crowd was going nuts and people were body surfing. Their music blended old-school surf-rock with an eye towards a club punk band. I heard and felt a lot of The Who and The Ramones too.

I was much more familiar with the Los Campesinos! material, and their set was supremely well-received. Theirs was more dance and upbeat, which pushed the crowd to even higher highs. It was almost impossible to see the band from my stance at the back right because bodies were bobbing up and down in pure enjoyment.

The beauty of the free shows is that it builds an audience base and concert going muscle memory. The opportunity for hundreds to experience two great new bands allows a musical community to build a base, and hopefully encourage and instill the importance and fun of live music that carries on when these bands return to play the clubs. Basically, remember last night and how fun it was and give both of these groups your dough the next time they come through town because they proved last night they’re totally worth it.

Per usual, Muzzle of Bees photographer Ed Oliver was in the thick of it shooting the photographic memories for you to enjoy below. Please leave us a comment with your thoughts, reviews, etc of the show. Thanks for coming!

Titus Andronicus

Los Campesinos!

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